No More Indoor Igloos – Furnace Repair in Lafayette, IN

Published on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No More Indoor Igloos – Furnace Repair in Lafayette, IN

It’s cold, too cold. Little Jimmy is building igloos from the frost on the windowsill, and Uncle Steve is trying to build a fireplace in the living room with two drumsticks. You can’t remember a time when you didn’t see a large puff of air blowing away from your face every time you took a breath, and the indoor thermometer seems to have reached a level of no return. Your daughter, Jill, walks up to you, fiercely wrapped up in three winter coats and two scarves around her neck. “Hey Mom!” She exclaims, “Maybe you should think about getting our furnace repaired sometime soon. Like before we all freeze to death!”

You turn around to see your entire family shivering around the Christmas tree, trying to enjoy themselves amid the tepid temperatures. It is true, you had put off repairing your furnace until the colder weather set in. Unfortunately, that time is now. So, what in the world should you do about your furnace repair in Lafayette, IN?


Saving the Holidays – Furnace Repair in Lafayette, IN


If you’re looking into installing a new furnace, or even having an old furnace repaired, it’s important to be informed about the most common and efficient sorts of furnaces in the area. Knowing which furnace is right for your home might just make your holidays a whole lot warmer.


How Electric Furnaces Work


These furnaces don’t have burners or a combustion chamber like a gas powered furnace, they use electricity and heat to distribute air throughout the home. The electric elements in the heat the surrounding air, and a small blower pushes the newly warmed air back into the rooms. Electric furnaces will last upwards of fifteen years, which makes it a durable and time efficient choice for furnace repair in Lafayette, IN!


How Gas Furnaces Work 


Gas furnaces, also known as air-forced heating systems, react when your thermostat drops below a certain temperature. These systems make use of natural gas and propane. Additionally, they are extremely reliable in times of cold, like those arctic winters in Indiana! They can cost a little bit more than electrical furnaceswhen you first purchase them, but they will cost you much less to fuel over because the cost of natural gas has gone down in the last decade. Essentially, by investing in a gas furnace, the money you save in the long run far outweighs the amount of money you spent upon initial purchase.


How Geothermal Heat Pumps Work


Geothermal heat pumps offer clean energy and exceptional heating, while decreasing your carbon footprint at the same time. These pumps use the temperature from deep in the ground to regulate the temperate within your home. Geothermal heat pumps capture the power they need from the ground and use a water mixture to circulate the desired temperate throughout all areas of the house, all while helping the environment!


JL Anderson Heating & Cooling – Furnace Repair in Lafayette, IN


Don’t ruin your holidays with cold air, trust your heating repair in Lafayette, IN to JL Anderson Heating & Cooling. Peel off three of your four sweatshirts, make some hot chocolate, and enjoy the warmth of your home with your family and friends. For a free service estimate, just call JL Anderson Heating & Cooling at (765) 471-7506. Let us bring warmth to your holiday season! 

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